Seven Things That Christ Is

1) He is the Way; men without him are Cains, wanderers, vagabonds:—

2) He is the Truth; men without him are liars, like the devil, who was so of old:—

3) He is the Life; without him men are dead, dead in trespasses and sins :—

4) He is the Light; without him men are in darkness, and go they know not whither:—

5) He is the Vine; those that are not grafted in him are withered branches, prepared for the fire:—

6) He is the Rock; men not built on him are carried away with a flood:—

7) He is Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the author and the ender, the founder and the finisher of our salvation.

~John Owen

P.S. He that hath not him, hath neither beginning of good, nor shall have end of misery.

from a sermon entitled A Vision of Unchangeable, Free Mercy ; Volume 8, page 36

2 comments on “Seven Things That Christ Is

  1. These seven things are a good starting point, obviously there’s many more (He is.the Door, the Bread of Life, the Lamb of God, the King of Glory, the Shepherd of souls, the King of Israel, the Hope of glory, the True One, the Wisdom of God, the Word of God, the Son of God, the Son of Man, the Lord of lords, the Mediator, the Lord of hosts, the Judge of the living and the dead, the Spiritual Rock, the Spiritual Food, the Spiritual Drink, the source of Life, the Author and Perfecter of our Faith, the Righteous One, the Savior of the world….).

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